I Like You And You Like I
Chapter 01: Personal Space

Dion Soethoudt, Roomba

Dutch Design Week, October 2019

A performance where two autonomous entities spend nine days confined in a room of solitude. An autonomous robot, capable of exploring and defining its surroundings, and a 31 year old designer. I Like You And You Like I, a performance where two autonomous entities spend nine days confined in a room of solitude.

The project is inspired by (and an adaptation of) the 1974 Joseph Beuys performance in New York in which Beuys locked himself up with a wild coyote. Soethoudt chooses a different ‘spirit animal' in the form of an autonomous robot, capable of exploring and mapping its surroundings. With one dynamic element however: a 31-year-old designer. For nine consecutive days, living with only each other and themselves.

The seclusion takes place in hexagon-shaped room of 44m2 and has a 24H live stream. No windows and only one door equipped with a one-way mirror where DDW visitors can witness the event live and in person.

The A.I. and robotics revolution is causing a new status quo, as the industrial revolution did in the 19th century, railroading our conscious and subconscious decision-making. The digital to physical evolution of A.I. forces us have a tangible relation to it, and forces us - or it - to design its migration.

I Like You And You Like I is an inquiry into artificial intelligence, human intelligence, autonomous thinking and the building of relationships.

ILYAYLI - chapter: 01, teaser - vimeo.com/361471630


Lunchbox, carpet, observation booth with 'spy'mirror, Dion Soethoudt, Roomba, 7 carafe, bed.

7 carafe

Marker box & documentation board

Food hatch


Safety glasses, freedom hammer

Bed, carpet, marker box & documentation board

Light installation, programmed to mimic with color hue's the circadian rhythm.

Project description board with livestream, visiters entrance.

A glance into observation booth.


Visitors perspective from inside the observation booth

Livestream camera #1 - 7 days

Audience footage

Livestream camera #2 - 7 days


One hour past noon on Saturday, the 26th of October, Dion Soethoudt literally burst out of his 7 day voluntary confinement, concluding the first of 7 chapters of his inquiry into Machine Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. In this initial chapter, entitled ‘personal space’, Dion explored the mechanism and effects of sharing his surroundings in solitude with a self-operating entity of a new era.

Roomba dock, Roomba + marker markings

Red 'completion' card

Bed with erased notes

As a final act, Dion left his overall.

The team

I Like You and You Like I is a Playgrounds co-production and is made possible and developed within the tailor made talent trajectory Next. Next is initiated by Playgrounds and supported by PostPanic, Submarine, Solar World Cinema, independent filmmaker Frodo Kuipers, AKV|St. Joost, KLIK animation film festival, Playgrounds and Provincie Noord-Brabant. Coördinator Next: Paulien Mandos, Playgrounds

And a thank you to: Luuk Vos - Production assistent

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